OpenBuildings™ Station Designer Help

Lighting Calculation - DIALux

Note: Applicable to UK dataset only.

Used to interactively calculate lighting. Brings the Lighting calculation Interface to Lighting Calculation package DIALux.

Accessed from:

  • Ribbon: StationDesigner > Analysis > Electrical > DIALux

Click with left- and mouse right button inside a room (shape) and select the tool.

DIALux Project File (*.STF) Shows path to *.STF file.
  • Browse — Opens the DIALux Project File dialog.
New calculation Interface performs a new calculation for a room.
Calculate as fitted Interface uses existing luminaires in room to perform a calculation.
Interior Activates the RELUX functions for interior room lighting calculations.
Exterior Activates the RELUX functions for exterior area lighting calculations.
Generate individual room name Generates individual file names for each RELUX calculation, omits overwriting.
Setup DIALux Opens Setup DIALux dialog where link to DIALux program is set,. The path (..\DIALux\DIALux.exe) is set. Use Browse to locate the path, as required Link only needs to be set up once.
BBES -> DIALux Send Room Shape (including room height) and open lighting package DIALux.
DIALux -> BBES Imports lighting fixtures from lighting calculation package DIALux.
STF-File -> DIALux Starts DIALux with selected .STF file
Close Closes the dialog.